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Kuro!! You can carry us all at once, right?

You literally cannot say you’ve never done this during math class, and if you haven’t it’s only because you can’t

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Tomoko <3


recent leak of a picture of Mega Wailord

Day 1360 - 14 September  2014

"I’ll help you catch a Pokemon of your own! "



is there a single anime fandom who isn’t in tears? 

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I remember when I used to think that it would be cool to remember your dreams like every night. Well, it’s not. I’ve been seeing dreams all summer, many many dreams every night (due to bad medication, that is being fixed now). It’s hard to come back to reality from them, and when you remember something, you don’t know if it was dream or not. 

But anyway, some dreams are cool and I wanted to doodle them. Will probably do more of these in the future and try to get over my artblock.

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